Atlantic Coast Run

a.k.a. Touring the Outer Banks

Just Pictures for now....

A barge entering the Markland Lock and Dam along the Ohio River

Where'd that barge go??

Penny and the ST outide the Rainbow Restaurant in Pikesville, KY - check out the reflection in the window

A shot of the ivy/weed covering the bluffs in Virginia - this stuff was all over the place

Penny and the ST at an overlook in Virginia

A view from route 16 somewhere in the mountains of Virginia

A view of route 16 and the view behind it

There were these big bugs flying all around too

A quick stop at Mabry Mill along the Blue Ridge Parkway

On the Outer Banks, the Currituck Lighthouse near Corrola, N.C.

The ST parked near the Wright Brothers Memorial, Kitty Hawk, N.C.

Penny standing by the Wright Brothers Memorial

Looking out over their first flight - the stone off in the distance was the landing point

Further on down the coast, Bodie Island Lighthouse

The ST parked roadside along the endless miles of sand dunes seperating the Atlantic from the road

Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States

A shot of the endless miles of beaches along the Outer Banks

On the ferry between Hatteras and Oracoke islands a.k.a. the Butt Shot

On Oracoke Island, a shot of the sun glistening off the Atlantic

The beautiful harbor town of Oracoke, N.C. with the lighthouse off in the distance

The 10:00 ferry leaving for the mainland - we took the 10:45

Tad and Penny with the ST on the ferry back to the mainland

The ST on the ferry leaving Oracoke with the lighthouse in the distance

The Oracoke Lighthouse as seen from the Oracoke Ferry

The lonely ST somewhere in the Atlantic

The ST parked near the Battleship North Carolina

The Battleship North Carolina

Another shot of the ST by the battleship

Watching the sunset from the harbor near our hotel

Penny near a calm lake in Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

A shot of the reflection off the lake

The ST at an overlook in Table Rock State Park

A happy Penny with postcard stamps

Chadwicks restaurant in Clayton, Georgia

The ST underneath a waterfall near Highlands, N.C.

Another shot of the ST under the falls

Another waterfall along US 276 in North Carolina

Penny and the ST at the Biltmore Estate after our tour

The ST parked in the flower garden of the Biltmore

The ST at an overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway

A waterfall off in the distance somewhere along the Blue Ridge

Penny standing among the budding flowers on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Penny and the ST at the highest point along the Blue Ridge

An altitude break along the Blue Ridge

A view of the parkway

Although they weren't serving breakfast, we had to stop for a picture

The ST after a wet Gap run

A cloud-covered Calderwood Dam

But it was sunny at T.W.O.

My favorite view from the Cherohala Skyway

Penny and the ST at the lookout

Top of the World Ma!!!

The "Chad Trank Cherohala Picture" - why are the leaves changing in June?

Looking upstream at Bald River

Looking downstream during a light rain

Bald River Falls

Welcome to Spencer - Penny's brother is named Spencer