Alaska 2003

Days 1, 2, and 3

We're on our way...

Day 1: Chicago to Minnesota

A quick roadside stop

We met at the Belvidere Oasis and headed across Wisconsin and into Minnesota.  It rained a lot today, and reminded me of the rainstorm heading into Omaha three years ago with Adam and Otter.  Lots of wildflowers, put on some good miles, and camped in Minnesota at Wakemup Bay Campground near the town of Cook.

Day 2: Cross into Canada, head across Manitoba

Very nice views of the lake this morning once it stopped raining.  (pic 1)   (pic 2)

Stopped near the end of Route 71

Border crossing at International Falls was "interesting."  Very different than other crossings.  Ride up route 71 in Ontario reminded me a bit of TC-17, with the lakes, rolling hills, gentle sweepers, and guardrails made of telephone polls and wire.  Nice ride.  Manitoba was littered with bright yellow canloa fields, and many fields of barley, which were properly saluted.  The rain left us in Manitoba, and we had blue skies and 72 degrees, absolutely perfect weather. We camped at Rivers Provincial Park, north of Brandon, Manitoba.

Day 3: Cross Saskatchewan, enter Alberta, to "The Hat"

Crossing into Alberta

Had a great morning ride to the border through Manitoba, seeing a valley from above with a few grazing deer.  Saskatchewan is big, and desolate.  Nothing but hay fields as far as the eye can see.  Got pretty hot today, Otter had a few bike issues with vapor-lock, so we crossed the Alberta border and headed to Medicine Hat for a hotel room, and a few much needed beers.  A few locals informed us that everyone calls it "The Hat" and also that we were pronouncing "Regina" incorrectly....we were trying to be polite, but apparently there are many jokes about that town's name. 

Looking at the picture of my KLR in Saskatchewan, I can't believe how clean it was....remember this, as it will change quickly.

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