Alaska 2003 People Pics

a.k.a. The Usual Suspects...

Here are a few pictures of us throughout the trip, including a couple of rare Otter sightings:

The three of us at Lake Louise, where the Rocky Mountain Trip three years ago ended, and this one started.

A peaceful Adam enjoying the view of Lake Louise

Otter and Adam at Lake Morraine

Otter about 2/3 of the way up Colombia Glacier

Adam walking up Colombia Glacier

Tad (sans 'Stich) at the top of the Glacier

Adam riding the KLR through Jasper Park

Tad and Otter at the start of the Alaska Highway

Adam and Otter at the Alaska Highway sign

Otter checking out a Black Bear along the Alcan

Adam and the KLR near a lake along the Alcan

Adam and Otter enjoying a dip in the Liard Hot Springs...thank god the water is murky

Tad enjoying the Liard Hot Springs

Adam enjoying the view near the end of the Campbell Highway

This is probably a good idea...

Tad at the beginning of the Dempster Highway

Otter heading up the Dempster Highway

Adam heading up the Dempster

Adam enjoying the view of Tombstone Mountain

Otter riding the KLR along the Dempster

Adam riding the KLR along the Dempster

An Otter sighting at the Arctic Circle

Tad at the Arctic Circle along the Dempster

Tad at the border to the Northwest Territories, and yes, that is dirt all over my face

Otter enjoying a nice view in the Northwest Terrirories

Otter disappearing back down the Dempster, as seen from Wright Pass

The usual suspects at the Poker Creek border crossing into Alaska

Adam and Otter in Alaska

Tad and the KLR in Alaska

Having a few cold ones at the Chicken Creek Saloon, Chicken, AK

The next morning, trying to piece the night together... I did what with my underwear??

A quick stop along the Dalton to tighten up a fairly important bolt that had come loose

Adam and Otter at the Arctic Circle again, this time in Alaska

Tad and the KLR at the Arctic Circle

Adam (who was out of his mind at this point) thoroughly enjoying the Dalton

Setting up camp in Prudhoe the Alaska Airlines parking lot

The three of us on the shore of the Arctic Ocean

Yes, I am going in

WARNING: The following pictures are rated NC-17.

Running naked into the Arctic Ocean

Submerging into the 34 degree water

and then running back to shore

Otter, who wasn't going to go in, fell to peer pressure  (censored)

There was a full moon at the ocean that morning

Our thanks go out to the tour driver who happily took these pictures, while he and the tour guide laughed at us...but they had towels for us, so this behavior may be considered "normal"

Adam riding the KLR through Atigun Pass, Dalton Highway, Alaska

Adam through Atigun pass again

I don't know what you're talking about. I see no wiseman here.

Tad on a tour of Kenai Fjords National Park

Tad at a glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park