Around the Lakes 2002

a.k.a. Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!!!

I'll write more in a few days, but for now, with the help of pictures, here's a quick recap of the trip as seen through my eyes.

After an OK ride around the city, and away from Chicago, we all met up at the Michigan Welcome Center.

After breakfast, we met up at another rest stop, and people were already starting to act like goofballs, which was a good thing.

Up along the coast, at the Arcadia overlook, we had a good line of Pretty Maids all in a Row, and then a few of us climbed the stairs to take pictures as the Nyquists arrived.   Mike, Tim, and Carl headed back down the stairs.  The day was going very well, and people were all smiles, a far cry from last year when we were soaking wet at this point. Eventually, everyone showed up, and we had too many bikes for a single Pretty Maids picture...I had to take not only a second picture, but also a third.

After fixing up John's BMW, I headed to Glen Haven, and a few minutes later, Otter and Leigh arrived too. The VFR and Sprint were parked there all alone, as everyone else had already come and gone.

The next day after breakfast, I found myself riding with Otter and Leigh, as well as the Nyquists.  I tried to turn around to get a picture of the VFR, but I had too many layers on, so I had to improvise.  I was able to get the Nyquists on the Goldwing framed without an issue.

Most everyone was at the Mackinaw bridge, and it was beautiful and clear out.  I took a funny picture, humorously describing my struggle for freedom, and then took a picture of the group.  Someone then took a picture of me and my little sister....what is her name anyway.

We then headed out across the bridge, and for those of you who didn't get a chance to look down through the grate, here you go.  Up on the Interstate, two CBR1000Fs flew along (we're only doing 75....awwwww crap).  We made good time to the Soo Bridge, before customs held me up to double-check my ID.

I headed out along Trans Canada 17 by myself, and stopped at a waterfall that I hadn't stopped at before.  It wasn't long before the Newt's went flying by.  I had the afternoon to myself, and stopped at a few places I knew, and I few I didn't.  Riding along, I looked over my shoulder at the shoreline behind me, and I took a few minutes there to snap a picture or two.  I stopped at JT Cove for a bit to get the traditional shot of the Sprint in the same place that 3 other bikes of mine have sat, and then enjoyed some quiet time listening to the waves.

The ride across Trans Canada 17 was beautiful today, and while riding, I took a few shots of the road and the different views of Superior.  Cresting those hills is a sight to be seen.

Before I got to the Agawa Bay overlook, I stopped at another overlook.  When I got to Agawa, Otter and I parked the VFR and Sprint in the classic spot, and the view of the bay was incredible.  A few people showed up, like Tyrone and Tom. The Sprint enjoyed the view that afternoon, and someone took a picture of me there - thanks!

On Saturday, Adam and I took off early and met everyone at Rosie & Josie's Cafe in Schreiber. We really should have bought that officer his breakfast.

I followed Adam to Nipigon, and enjoyed watching the VFR ahead of me.  He did see a moose, otherwise this picture would be titled "Wishful Thinking."  The road through the bluffs is quite beautiful, and the water in the background was dulled a bit by the grey skies, but it was still a very nice ride today.

Later in the day, MJ met up with Adam and I near a beaver dam that Adam found.  It started to rain a bit, but we proceeded into Sleeping Giant Provincial Park where we saw a cloudy view of the Sleeping Giant.  Or is this him?? ("I'm so wasted!!")

We stopped to eat lunch at an overlook in Minnesota, and then continued down to Split Rock to enjoy the view.  Immediately after the park was an overlook that I've never seen, so I parked there for a minute and snapped a shot of the lighthouse.  After that, I followed MJ on the Aprilla down to Duluth.  We hit a twisty road or two, and headed through the tunnels (slow down MJ, I'm trying to get a friggen picture of you), and eventually MJ did slow down and I caught up with him.  He has a problem.

After a nice run across Wisconsin route 13 (Newt!! Where'd ya go!! and Curly, sorry I scared you), and breakfast in Bayfield, we hit a little rain, and I didn't take any pictures this morning.  After checking into the hotel, I headed up towards Copper Harbor, did a little exploring, stopped here and there, and even found a lighthouse in Bete De Grese.  It felt good to just putz along for a while, and the island was beautiful.  I stopped at the overlook to take a picture of the Sprint and of the view before heading back to the hotel. Vern decided to take care of the bike since it took care of him. Little did I know that I'd finish a 1Lb burger, and that MJ would take some 21 year old chick for a ride while Curly got me in trouble with the waitress that night.  Nor did I know how beautiful the view of the bridge and the rising moon would be.

We headed out as a group to Grandma L's house for breakfast this morning, and the line of bikes heading along the lake was a sight to behold.  Talk about Deja Vu.  We were almost to Grandma's when Adam was forced to make a pit stop.  Breakfast was great, and the Stooges were all glad they made it there this year.  After a group photo session, I egged Kurt into wheelying the Wing.  Master Adam was doing some very nice wheelies, and the Triumph (after a slow start) really started to loft the front wheel.  Kurt then decided that he needed more ballast to help get the Wing going.   Eventually, we headed home, and I hope that the Wisconsin cops didn't nab anyone.

And in case you missed it, here is what John did to his old rear tire before the trip.   Breakin the Law!!!

Here is a link to the pictures that others took. If you have some that you would like posted, just let me know.