Pre-ATL 2003 BBQ Ride

Here are some pictures from the pre-ATL 2003 ride ride and BBQ on April 27th, 2003.

From the Blackhawk statue near Oregon:

By the bikes
Hey - look over here!
The view looking south
A close up of the church steeple
Some of us at the status
The Blackhawk Statue
The bikes in the parking lot

Roadside near the entrance of Mississippi Palisades State Park:

Chris Boll and the Lewinskis...that sounds like a great name for a band
The bridge in Savannah
On the wrong side of the tracks
A view of the river
Roderick, Vern, and Randy arriving
The group parked roadside

From one of the lookouts in the State Park:

View 1
View 2
View 3
The Lewinskis and Randy
The group at the overlook

Back at Tad's house for the BBQ:

Chatting around the table
Swapping stories about speeding tickets avoided...
Tehra, John, and 1Cent

Last Update 4-28-2003