Around the Lakes 2004

Gettin' Down and Dirty...

Day 1 Pictures:

Arcadia Lookout:

Shemp   The Bolls  

Vern (it's so clean it shines)

Tim (on MJ's bike)   Tom

Who was riding this?

Mike   Rufus    Sprite

Russ   Ed    Pretty Maids

Tom   John    View to the North

Tyrone   Mike    Ray

Another View   Kurt    Tim, MJ, and Scott

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive:

View to the east

Kurt and Adam by the KLRs

Zoom of the bridge and boat

Farm   Dunes

Glen Haven


The old dock and distant lighthouse

The KLR and Bluewing


Trail Riding in Michigan  (Pic 1)  (Pic 2)


Day 2 Pictures:

Route 556 in Ontario:

Adam on the road

Lunch Stop

KLR by a lake

The lake

The River near route 129

The River and dirt road

The KLRs

The Road

View of the river from the end of the trail

Where's Waldo?

Here's Waldo

Heading up Route 129, an interesting sign


Day 3 Pictures:

Black Bear pictures:  (Pic 1) (Pic 2) (Pic 3) (Pic 4)

Grand Portage National Monument:

Tyrone   Warning Sign   Tyrone on the pier

Trail riding in Minnesota:

Watch oot fur these things

Nice view of Lake Superior

Trail through the woods

Trail through the woods

Trail through the woods

Split Rock Lighthouse:

Distant View  Close Up

Vern's Dirty Bike (we only tease because you over-wash your bike):

Bugs on the front   spots on the side   See, right here...that's dirt!!


Dinnertime at the steakhouse, where Ray a.k.a. The Birthday Boy celebrated with us.


Day 4 Pictures:


The Breakfast Club

Ray, please don't leave early to go home...maybe this will stop him.

Along the shoreline:

Lake Superior View   KLR along the lake   The KLR

Another view to the east   ...and to the west

Ottawa National Forest:

Black River  Potawatome Falls

Trail Riding 

The Ski Jump (that you can see from Lake in the Clouds)

The KLR along a trail  Muddy trail riding

It was gonna happen sooner or later...

Oops!!   Where's the front wheel??


Day 5 Pictures:

Heading to Grandma's house:

Over the river and through the woods... Grandmother's house we go.

The bikes at Grandma's house

There was no wheelie contest this year due to Grandma's we did this instead (movie).

How fast will that thing go?

OK, maybe one wheelie....but not in front of the house

Roadside Stop:

Bikes next to a lake

A reflective lake

Don't worry Vern, I take the award for the "Dirtiest Bike of 2004" - you do get an honorable mention:

Dirty Front Wheel   Dirty Rear Wheel