ATL Weekender 2003

Why the hell not

Just Pictures for now....

The ST1100 at the Houghton, MI overlook

A view of the town of Houghton

The Houghton-Hancock Bridge from the overlook

The ST1100 parked near the bridge

Some fall foliage along M-26, south of Houghton

More fall foliage

An early morning view of Split Rock Lighthouse

The ST at Split Rock

Yellow aspens among the green pines, along TC-17 near Nipigon

The ST1100 parked along TC-17

Another shot of the lake along TC-17

Foliage at the Agawa Bay lookout

The ST1100 at Agawa...where's the lake?

It wouldn't be an ATL without some rain

View of Batchawana Bay from the hotel

Morning coffee view to the south

Morning coffee view to the north

The ST parked at the hotel

Another bay surrounded by peak colors, heading towards the Soo

A lakehouse surrounded by awesome foliage

Closer to the Soo, a beautiful river

Looking upstream

Awesome foliage and rapids

I've never seen this much foam build up from rapids

The ST parked near the river

The lone ST at Glen Haven

Stormclouds over the bay at Glen Haven

The old pier at Glen Haven

The boat museum was actually open today...