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Fall Color Run
October 2001
Arkansas Weekend
September 2001
Nova Scotia
July 2001
Atlantic Coast Run
June 2001
ATL 2001
May 2001
April Arkansas Adventure
April 2001
Fall Color Run
October 2000
Michigan Lakes Weekend
September 2000
2-Up Appalachia Tour
August 2000
Rocky Mountain Tour
June 2000
Around The Lakes
May 2000
Southwest Adventure
May 2000
Minnesota Weekend Ride
April 2000
Y2K Camping
April 2000
Appalacian Mtns.
October 1999
Four Corners Tour
July 1999
Around the Lakes
May 1999
New England Tour
April 1999
Missouri Weekend Ride
March 1999
Appalacian Mtns.
October 1998
The West Coast
August 1998
Appalacian Mtns.
May 1998
The Ozarks
March 1998
October 1997
Around the Lakes II
August 1997
Around the Lakes
June 1997

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