FAST School August 1999

You never forget your first time...

Here are some pictures from the FAST Racing School on August 17th, 1999. This took place at Shannonville Motorsport Park in Ontario, Canada.

I don't know who all the people are on the bikes, so let me know and I'll update this.

Just pictures for now. I'll write something eloquent later, because all I can think of right now is "YEEEEE-HAAAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A special thanks goes out to Michelle, not only for taking the pictures and video, but also for tolerating our over-adrenalized asses during the car ride home!!

Riders through Turn 2

Kawi 2 and Suzuki 14

Kawasaki 3 - Jenn??

Kawasaki 4

Kawasaki 5 - Jeff??

Yamaha 7 - Marcell a.k.a. Mr 1.05

Yamaha 8 - Tad

Yamaha 9 - Super Dave!! Top Rider!!

Suzuki 15 -, I mean XXRR

Some Group Shots

The group in the pits - Doug, Marcell, Angela, Paul, Jenn, Dave, and ????

The Pit Area - with the head instructor's Number 1 plated EX

The Group - Michelle, ????, Angela, Tad, Doug, T-Man, Jenn, Marcell, Dave, and Paul

The Track

Here's my play by play as I went around the track:

Starting in the pits, you feel your heart start to race as you wait the 5 seconds until it's your turn to go.  Hard accelerate out of the pits, through the overabundacne of flung-rubber on the outside of turn one, and accelerate hard to turn 2. By this time, I'm in 4th gear, no downshift, a little brakes.  Turn 2 is a 90 degree right, knee down - this is where the pictures are taken above.  Run wide out of turn 2, as your exit marker is very close to the entry marker for turn 3.  Turn 3 is about a 120 degree right, hard on the gas before the apex, and try not to run too wide, as you need to be on the right side of the track for turn 4, which is a carosel left.  Downshift to third, run entry wide, and cut apex as close as possible, back on throttle (not too much or R6 will spin rear) and run wide, winding up third and fourth gears down the mini straight approaching turn 5. Cut across track to left side, downshift to third, HARD brakes, run deep into corner.  Turn 5 is almost a hairpin, go in deep, knee down throughout (and throwing sparks if you're T-Man).  Out of 5, not too fast or you'll blow 6 (ask me how I know) which is an even tighter left, trying to avoid and go to the inside of the concrete patch.  Still in third, set yourself up for 7, a great passing corner.   Either hit the racing line and swing wide all the way to the wall, or enter late and get a good drive down the staight to pass.  Either way, out of corner, head down, next to pit wall, full throttle through third, fourth, and fifth gear.  Wind up 5th as long as you've got the guts to do so, ease up just for a second to settle front end, back on throttle full and into turn one, knee out - but usually not down, but sometimes for a second.  Hard out of turn one still accelerating towards 2, find braking marker, down to fourth, really HARD brakes, and into two.  Repeat. :-)

Turn 1

Turns 2, 3, and 4

Turns 5 and 6

Turns 6, 7, and the straightaway