FAST School June 2001

Here are some pictures from the FAST Racing School on June 6th, 2001. This took place at Shannonville Motorsport Park in Ontario, Canada, on the Fabi track. I was on Suzuki #12 and was awarded Top Rider for our group, which does not mean the fastest rider as Marcell knows all too well. :-)

Thanks goes to Marcell McLean for taking these photos.

The group in the pit area

Man, you mean I have to ride this thing home?

Down the front straight during a follow the leader morning session

Dave and Paul having some fun - I'm glad Marcell got this, because on the track, I never saw them after about 2 corners...

Tad through corner 5a

Paul through corner 5a

Dave through corner 5a

Dave with his next victim in sight

Dave coming out of the hairpin

Tad coming out of the hairpin

Tad posing for a picture

The Top Rider award - Tad and Doug were awarded the Top Rider awards....Hey Marcell, Do you have one of these??