May 10, 2003

Here's a few of the pictures from the Sportbike Track Time event at Gingerman Raceway on May 10th, 2003.

Pictures of Tad (stolen from Chad):

Tad exiting turn 1

Tad entering turn 1

Tad mid-pack through turn 2

Tad hoping he has enough power to show this guy a wheel on the exit of turn 2

Pictures of Chad

Chad exiting turn 1

Chad through turn 2

Pictures of Adam

Adam entering turn 1

Adam exiting turn 1

Adam through turn 2

Pictures of Newt

Newt entering turn 1

Newt exiting turn 1

Newt through turn 2

And a couple shots of Adam chasing Chad around the track

Chad and Adam exiting turn 1

Chad and Adam through turn 2

Next lap, turn 2, two knees down

And a special tribute for Brian Dopp who frequents Gingerman with the SpeedTrialUSA car group.  Apparently, flagstand Bob has been known to accidentally on purpose throw Brian the wrong flag as he heads into turn 1.

What most people see

What Brian sees

Here's a link to all of Chad's pictures....not just the ones that I stole/borrowed.

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