Putnam Park

April 10, 2005

Somehow we keep lucking out!  We had absolutely perfect weather for this weekend - 75 degrees and sunny both days.  There were some people that we (OK, me) could not convince to join us for the weekend for one reason or the other.  We (OK, again me) could sum up their decision in one word - "Dumbass!!!"  Next year, don't pass up this opportunity.

The day was run by Sportbiketracktime.com, and was once again run very well.  We did not have a single red flag on Saturday, and only a handful on Sunday, although Monte did have to warn the Intermediate group once about aggressive riding.  STT seems to be doing a much better job of patroling the Intermediate group this year, and we saw a number of people get a talking-to, so kudos to them for trying to make a great event even better.

Here's a couple of pictures of me taken by Adam:  (Pic 1) (Pic 2)

Here are some pictures from the day, taken by Speedy Pete:

Adam chasing Tad through Turn 4

Tad through turn 8

Tad through turn 8 again

Another turn 8 shot

Exiting turn 8 - have a nice day

Adam chasing me through turn 8

Me through turn 8, Adam a couple bikes behind

In addition, by sheer coincidence, the guy that Chad a.k.a. Boy bought his bike from was at Putnam today and was taking some video facing rearward off his bike. Fast bike, really fast rider. As you'll see from the pics and video, he passed me into turn 8, I had to adjust my line and then I got a run on him on the exit...until he opened the throttle and left me for dead. Like I said, very fast rider! Thanks to whoever you are or whatever your name is for getting these pictures and video to Chad.

Onboard stills: (Pic 1) (Pic 2) (Pic 3) (Pic 4) (What I would look like on Speed TV)

Onboard Video: (Video)

Here's a directory of pics of the other guys that were out there that day.

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