2001 Kawasaki KLR650

This is a dual purpose bike, and it does have two purposes and two owners:

1. This is Penny's bike on which to learn how to ride. (Pic 1) (Pic 2)

2. This is my bike to take to Alaska in 2003

Project KLR:

This bike is going to Alaska in July of 2003, and appropriate (yet not overkill) mods are necessary to ensure (or maximize the potential for) a trouble-free journey.   There is both great information and great aftermarket parts for the KLR 650 available on the Internet.  The DSNKLR list has been of great help, as are the numerous companies that specialize in KLR parts.  Each and every one of these companies has been awesome to deal with, and they should all be proud of their customer serice.

As modifications have been made, I've been taking pictures of the KLR. The modifications are done, and I'm now into testing and fine tuning.  I did a write up on my first ride on the KLR since the mods were complete.

My parts list so far for the KLR is as follows, and I've included pictures and links where applicable:

Happy-Trails parts (www.happy-trail.com)

Dual-Star parts (www.dual-star.com)

Big Cee Engineering parts (www.bigcee.com)

Sagebrush Machine Shop  (www.sagebrushmachine.com)

Aerostich Parts (www.riderwarehouse.com):

Russell Cycle Products (www.day-long.com)

Last Update - 2/21/03