Project KLR

a.k.a. modding the bejeeses out of it...

As I'm modding the KLR, I'm trying to take pictures of the step by step process.  These pictures are in the order of how the work is done.  I will have to do some backtracking since not all of the parts were available at the beginning of the process.

Step 1 - Get her naked:

Step 2 - A little maintenance:

Step 3 - Happy Trails Radiator Guard/Highway Pegs Added:

Step 4 - Handlebar Work

Step 5 - Misc Additions:

Step 6 - Luggage:

Step 7 - Doohickey Replacement (ask me in person, and I'll tell you how I almost killed my KLR during this process)

Step 8 - Last of the little additions

Step 9 - Day-Long Saddle

Step 10 - Electric Vest and accessory plug wiring

Current Status: DONE! On to the testing phase!!

First Ride with Mods:  February 20th was a warm about it here

Last Update - 2/21/03