My 1995 Honda ST1100


Current Mileage:  50,900 (4/2005)

General Info:

I bought the ST in April of 2000.  It belonged to my sister's in-laws, and over the years I have had a chance to ride this very ST on occasion.  Every time I ride it, I like it more and more.  At first, the bike was very good (but not great) for 2-up riding.  After a few different seats, and some highway pegs, it's now a bike that Penny and I can ride just about anywhere.

Why "STress-Reliever?"

Penny is my inspiration for this name. Every time we ride, the stress of work (and life) just magically disappears for her, and I'm glad that this motorcycle can help her to relax and enjoy life.  That's what motorcycling is all about.


STress-Reliever is the two-up bike in my stable. Here are links to the trips that Penny and I have taken on this bike.

2-up Appalachia Tour

Michigan Lakes Weekend

April Arkansas Adventure

Atlantic Coast Run

2-up Western US Tour

Fall Color Weekend

ATL 2003


Here are pictures of some of the few farkles I have made to the ST:

The Givi bag with tail-light, and the CB antenna

The handlebar - showing the VistaCruise, The CB remote, and the ChiliVest control

The left grip - showing the HotGrip, CB remote, and ChiliVest control

Hot Grip switch and variable heat controller

More recent additions include a Russell seat, STeed Sticks (highway pegs), a second BMW adapter for Penny's vest, and a Works Performance rear shock.