2004 Yamaha R6

The R6

Ding dong The Duc is dead...sold actually. Good riddance. It was an OK bike, but I didn't realize how much it was holding me back until I got on this R6. The R6 turns better, feels better, and as a result, my laptimes dropped significantly.

I picked up the R6 mid-season in 2009 after the Duc died at the track for me for the last time. It's setup pretty well with a Penske rear, Ohlins front fork internals, a full titanium exhaust, radial master cylinder...perfect for racing. I am getting along with this bike much better than I ever did the Duc. During the one dry session at Grattan in August of 2009, I already dropped 3 seconds/lap, and I know there is more to go.

So, I took it out racing for the first time in August and September of 2009. My first race weekend at Blackhawk Farms saw my times drop into the high 1:16s (best I ever did on that damned Ducati was 1:20s). I took two fifth place finishes and one sixth place - not bad for the first time out. Then in September, I got into the 1:15s, ran a 1:14.9...and won my first race. I won the Middleweight GP race on Saturday - after having been crashed out of the GTU race earlier that day. On Sunday, I took two fourth place finishes. I love this bike.

This bike is going to take me to great places on the racetrack...I am hoping to do the full CCS circuit in 2010.


Last Update - 1/30/2010