Road America 2001

a.k.a. Stalking Eric Bostrom

Eric Bostrom in the pits during a superbike practice session

Miguel Duhamel and Kurtis Roberts around turn 5 during 600 practice

Bostrom on the 600 around turn 6

Bostrom on the 600 around turn 7

Mat Mladin with a big lead flying through turn 14

A slew of bikes flying up the front straight during the superbike race

Eric edging out Nicky on the RC51

Eric entering pit lane after the race

Penny with Eric Bostrom

Kawasaki 32

A dejected Nicky Hayden - probably not because he didn't get a picture taken with Penny

Paul Ducato (Formula Extreme friend) psyching up before the race

Paul coming through turn 14

Paul haulin-ass up the front straight

NOTE: Eric Bostrom showed his character as a class-act this day.  After a tough fought Superbike race where he went from 8th to 4th in the last three laps, he didn't even hesitate to agree when Penny asked for a picture with him.